Monday, 7 December 2015

Jorelle Jeweleryosaurus

Jeweleryosaurus lived in the cretaceous period 600 million years ago. Jeweleryosaurus loves stealing diamonds
money and jewelry. It was a carnivore who eats meat
like tyrannosaurus rex.

Jeweleryosaurus has spikes, a horn, sharp claws, and scary sharp jaws to protect itself by getting eaten by other dinosaurs. Its legs was twice faster then velociraptor.

Jeweleryosaurus had a strong horn to protect its important parts of its body also its sharp jaws were sharper then any kinds of dinosaurs just like Tyrannosaurus rex.

Jeweleryosaurus was one of the GREATEST dinosaurs in the world it was the fastest dinosaur and had sharp jaws just like other kind of dinosaurs.   

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Jorelle Athletics


On a cloudy sunny morning room 11/12 did athletics there were all sorts of varied activities like hula hops, sacks, cones, and hurdles. We started off with room 12 they had two go to the moon hoppers and the lucky last is room 11 had the funniest part doing the gumboot throw, the tennis ball, and the bean bags.

                 Gumboot throw

So as room 11 started off by going in four different rows
leader had to go first they even had to pick any kind of sports gear. Some of them got the tennis ball or the sock
to make it go very far away as Mrs squires tolds us too line up in two lines we went straight to basket ball.



It was very fun because we were playing all kinds of activities outside for athletics and my favorite parts
was basketball because we were into groups for shooting goals.

Jorelle Non - stop cricket


As room 11/12 overflew with excitement as it was turn batting I furiously hit the ball it accelerated in the air. and felt very happy because it looked very fun.


When it was room 11’s turn fielding we sprinted on the watery grass but we had to start off by going behind the cones. When room 12 took their turn fielding it was room 11’s turn fielding as room 12 hit the ball accelerated far in the air I energetically took the ball and sprinted to the person who hit it.  



When room 11 was batting outside in the shivering cold morning. I batted as far as I could as room 12 was fielding they caught the ball in there hands and gave the ball back.


It was fun playing non - stop cricket because my favorite part was fielding by catching the ball in my hands and batting as far as I could.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015



A volcanologist studies volcanoes. being a volcanologist is rewarding because they help people not to go close. To the lava or heat. but when you open your eyes your eyes might get sore. But when the lava rises it starts to erupt.


A volcanologist depend on where they are working. sometimes see the  temperature of volcanoes either their hot or cold sometimes the volcanologist analyzes the rocks solid and liquid all kinds of stuff. But sometimes they use the drone to take photos of the volcano.  


A volcanologist wears safety clothes depending on what kind of job they are doing. Like heat resistance suit to reflect the heat by coming to your body. Also a breathing apparatus to keep breathing to get more air. They wear sturdy boots so they don't get hurt or hit on the rocks at the fields. They wear heavy gloves so they don’t get hurt.  

To become a volcanologist is you have to go to university to train to be a volcanologist. Then you have to pass most of your exams and then get a interview with the manager or the boss. After the interview they will get the top three and they chose the best one and then get the job.         


you have to be courageous confident and trustworthy. You also have to be good at studying volcanoes   


To be a volcanologist will be hard or scary but I would not do it.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cross Country

       On a cold sunny Monday pt England school had cross country and we had to get changed into our red yellow blue and green t - shirts. To start off with the year ones then all the way up to the year

eights. When the year 4’s started to began on the line I felt very exhausted and nervous with a slam! went the clapper room 11/12 was sprinting towards me Tehillah and Amelia.

As I stopped Indiana raced up towards me as I kept on jogging my friend Amelia came jogging with me as we both saw the finish line we started to sprint off then we both came in a tie it was amazing !!!.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


            What is a firefighter  

Other firefighters trains and help people get out of the car when there is a emergency. Also there cars attend to be getting accidents on the road.

What clothes do firefighters wear!!!!
A firefighter always has to wear protective suits. So they can keep safe by fire and smoke especially Gloves, so their hands keep safety when they touch the hot metal beam, so they can’t burn their hands. they really need oxygen tanks to keep on breathing from in the fire for some safety.

What does a firefighter's work involve?

How do you become a firefighter?

First you need to  volunteer for the trade. And you ask a person how to become a firefighter, and tell the firefighter that you have volunteered

Not An Easy Job
Being a firefighter is not easy because you have to be brave smart & strong especially proud when I would be a firefighter I would make new friends and help them.



Jorelle Money, Money, Money,

zoo map

Friday, 7 August 2015

Jorelle Firefighter

What is a firefighter  

Other firefighters trains and help people get out of the car when there is a emergency. Also they attend cars that have accidents on the road.

what clothes do firefighters wear?

A firefighter always has to wear protective suits. So they can keep safe by fire and smoke. Especially gloves so their hands keep safe when they touch the hot metal, so they can’t burn their hands. They really need oxygen tanks to keep on breathing in the fire for some safety.

What does a firefighter do for work

A firefighter always has to work hard to get their job done from every task they do and they need to get fit, brave, strong & proud. When the emergency alarm goes on their will be a problem.

       How I would feel if I was a firefighter

Being a firefighter is not easy because you have to be brave, smart & strong especially proud, when I would be a firefighter I would make new friends and help everyone.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Jorelle Immersion Assembly

As soon as the bell went our class got ready for immersion assembly. Walking into the hall I heard Mr Burt’s booming voice. Mr Burt spoke out loud saying who’s got 1$ who has 2$ who’s got 3$. Then Mr Burt banged banged banged as loud as he can.

Fortunately I saw team 3s outstanding video. As I kept on watching I felt very surprised of team 3s movie when the movie had finished we all laughed with cheerfulness. 

When team 4s acting came up there were 3 funny characters named Really Happy, Sassy and Calm. They were Miss Lavakula, Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin. A teacher came on pretending to be lawnmowing on stage. But when he had finished lawnmowing Mr Jacobsen came along with money. He gave the teacher  only 10$ but Mr Jacobson had said he would give him 20$.
He felt sad but as the helpers came Mrs Lavakula said,
"You should buy something with your 10$." The teacher thought to himself "I should by some food to spend for my 10$ as they came back from the shop the teacher felt very happy. the end    

Monday, 29 June 2015

Jorelle Assembly

On a cloudy sunny day last week on friday  class 11&12 came in a straight line.As everybody got ready for assembly we coudn’t wait what
everybody was about to do on stage. As class

11&12 sat down in 2 rows we had to wait for some other classes to come in assembly as Mr Burt came in with his yellow wacky hair and his blue skateboard. Everybody was laughing as Mr

Burt came in. One student had to come in and say the karakia the whole classes had to bow their heads as the student had finished Mr Burt
got his guitar and got ready and we all got

ready. As we standed up mr burt was ready to play the national anthem song as we sang along
with mr Burt said enoho and we sat down when mr Burt handed out the certificates we saw

some of the kids in our class got a reward from one of class 11&12s teachers as they were all gone we saw one of our friends on stage I saw Daisy Naomi Makayla doing the kapa haka

dancing on stage we were very surprised and my favourite part was when they were singing.
ready. As we standed up mr burt was ready to play the national anthem song as we sang along
with mr Burt said enoho and we sat down when mr Burt handed out the certificates we saw

some of the kids in our class got a reward from one of class 11&12s teachers as they were all gone we saw one of our friends on stage I saw Daisy Naomi Makayla doing the kapa haka

dancing on stage we were very surprised and my favourite part was when they were singing.

The End        

Friday, 26 June 2015

Jorelle Tinkering Tools and Toys

Jorelle Matariki

                                  What is Matariki
Matariki is when people celebrate traditional maori new year we also celebrate the seven stars which is the seven sisters. There are other stories that tell matariki. This is one of them it is called Ariki. 

Once upon a time there was nothing but darkness and in between was two beginning’s - Ariki. and his brother lay together. Ranginui
the Father and papatuanuku the mother they were sleeping. They had children for a time all was gone. But the children started growing they were restless and fidgety the children started arguing. Some felted trapped also some of them wanted out !!!. The parents woke up. Someone was separating them. It was Tane Mahuta

You can have kai moana or you can got to Glen Innes to celebrate.
Some people do kapa haka or weave flax. Matariki it is also a time of remembrance plus lots more. You can do fun activities at maori new year like flying kites blowing up fire works or having a feast.     

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Jorelle Lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a old stone lighthouse that was illuminating the treacherous headland. Meanwhile the villagers were celebrating new year. As people cheered with laughter they felt very happy. With annoyance the lighthouse keeper slammed the window the candlelight came off what happened was the sky plunged into darkness.When the keeper ran as quick as he can the keeper flashed his lantern and the keeper saw mechanical cogs and wheels.The keeper went up the stairs and saw a enormous lamp as the lighthouse keeper lifted precariously so soon the lamp was shattering but then he fall over his tool box the lamp crashed as he stood up he ran as a quick as a flash he picked up his toolbox with him. With excitement the keeper opened the door and saw people holding lanterns lighting up but as the keeper and the people holded the light in there hand they were happy with joy. The End

Friday, 5 June 2015

Jorelles netball game all starts

Once there was a team called the all stars we always meet at the netball courts because our netball coach manager has to teach us every thursdays when we get to our netball court we practice.

Shooting Passing and throwing also bouncing we always practice even when some of the other schools are playing on half court we practice shooting the ball in the hoop so we get a lot of scores.

Our coaches names is Tiana and my mum Norelle, we play for Pt England school when we play half court my other friends was really good at playing netball when they have a problem they

try there best and never give up.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Jorelle The switch

A solitary man came strolling along eating his yummy lunch. As he slurped of his fingers he felt very content because he ate his delicious lunch.    

He spotted on his t shirt he tried to sweep the mess off his tie.
Unexpectedly a box  came out of nowhere. With anger the solitary man kicked the box.

As he glanced around  he saw a pile of  boxes there he saw a blackish box that was similar to the other boxes. He had an idea so he climbed up a pile of towering boxes. As he leaped off with a blast as he landed on the shiny box but he missed. He knew there was a red button under the shiny box so he hesitated he said  to himself, "What is going to happen if I push the button?"

So he pushed the button and what happened was the blackish box spun in circles and he was terrified.

Unexpectedly his tie got sucked in like a magnet and he could not get his tie out. He pulled his tie what happened was his tie ripped he got very anxious and he didn’t notice that his hands and feet got sucked up.

When he was pulling himself his whole body got sucked up and he disappeared but as the blackish box spat out with another box it had ties on it but then as the box dropped down it changed into the same boxes as the other ones.

The End.


The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

Friday, 15 May 2015


Marshmallows from Ringling College of Art + Design on Vimeo.

On a cloudy starless night there was a solitary boy roasting marshmallows on a sizzling fire. You could hear the lake gently lapping on the shore. He was in the forest but in a spot that  had trees surrounding him.

Suddenly there was big green monster that came quietly walking out. like no one was around. Then suddenly Jimmy  turned around and saw the monster and he freaked out.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy waved his marshmallow on a stick around like a sword to protect himself. but then the monster gobbled up the marshmallow. The monster transformed  into a monster/puppy. The monster performed tricks so he would get more marshmallows. Jimmy thought that the monster was going to eat him.

When Jimmy put his hand in the bag and realised that there was only one more and he was like oh no and he gulped. Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his hand and then the monster slurped the marshmallow off. The monster nearly gobbled up Jimmys whole arm.

Waiting expectantly the monster looked at Jimmy. Jimmy was like oh no what’s going to happen then the monster reverted back into a scary monster because Jimmy ran out of marshmallows.

Suddenly the monster reverted back into a scary monster then the monster chased Jimmy. In a panic Jimmy ran away but suddenly Jimmy stumbled and he thought that the monster was going to eat him. But as Jimmy found his pillow he tried to protect himself.

                 The End Bye Makayla and Jorelle

Friday, 1 May 2015

jorelle dawn parade

On saturday morning I had to wake up very early to go to the Auckland museum.

When we got there we parked our car on the field and saw heaps of cars and thousands of people. It was pitch black there i couldnt see many of the soldiers. As each of men took a speech I listened carefully what they were saying. I had to stay still and quiet well a person was playing the last post on the bugle it was very silent. After that I saw the soldiers marching to the monument and standing at the foot of the monument where the people lay the poppies and wreaths. And when we wake up in the morning we will remember them.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Jorelle Immersion Assembly

As soon as we walked into the hall with room 11 and 12 I saw some teachers making
marshmallows and pancakes.As we sat down a drone appeared flying and spinning
around and around it looked very amazing and the drone was controlled by Mr Burt.
When Mr Burt was talking the people who were baking were giving out snacks to people. In Immersion assembly Mr Burt was giving us too many t’s because the topic was Tinkering Tools and Toys.

With excitement team 5 came marching down the middle of the hall. Suddenly I heard Mr
Wisman announcing what his class is learning this term. When Ms Moala stepped up straight she looked all around then Ms Telea laughed in a deep voice. I also liked team 3 because the teachers looked so funny when they were posing. They
looked funny when they played their games.

I felt so happy at the Immersion assembly I wanted to stay there.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Jorelle Kazoo

Today room 11 was with Mr Blakey he taught us how to make a kazoo with
craft sticks kazoo. First we used the craft sticks secondly we had elastic rubber bands

then we connected it and we were all done.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jorelle Finding Half

Jorelle Picnic story

On a very wonderful Friday the whole of Pt england school went down to the beach for a picnic. We went with our teachers and helpers to keep us safe. As we went down to the beach is because so we could have some fun.My favourite activity was Making gluggy clay because I like Playing with gooey things. I also liked putting the clay in the water because it gets gooey they were all sorts of cool clay. My 2nd favourite part of the day was playing with the gluggy clay.
I felt very excited with my friends because we saw people swimming in a salty water.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Jorelle reflection

Yesterday the year fours went to Motat on an old school bus, to learn about exciting inventions.

When we arrived at Motat I got so excited because it was going to be so fun.

On our trip we went in the mirror Maze it was so fun when we got in I got dizzy but then i found my way out.

As soon as we finished all of the activities we went back to the meeting room during a little while we went on the tram it was so fun.

Waiting patiently we waited for our bus we said goodbye to the instructors then we left back to school.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Jorelle cybersmart quiz

                                                            It is Important to be Cybersmart so you can be safe online.

Monday, 9 March 2015

My word cloud

This is my word cloud about having my very own 
             Chromebook to help me learn, create and share 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jorelle Harakeke writing

Last wednesday half of the class marched near the creek with miss Tito. As we had to say the karakia. we went and saw miss Tito cut the flaxes we can not cut the three special flaxes though the whole plant will die. We splited our harakeke in half. And had a play with the harakeke we could create anything special.