Friday, 24 March 2017

Chatham island black robin

A Chatham Island black robin bird which is a really small songbird that sings. But most of all this bird is 10 Cm height, this little black bird was found on the Chatham islands they lived at Rangatira (south east) island. This bird loves to eat insect in deep layers of litters found of flat areas in the forest.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Who likes wetas

Bug descriptions

Walt: Using different vocab.
Task description: This is about learning insects. So we had to chose 
four insects like a ladybug, mosquitoes, dung beetle's, and last but not least 
bumblebee. I picked a bumblebee because these are hard working little 
bumblebee's that is why i chose this one and we had to watch videos of
them and had to write what they always do that we had to write a long 
sentence which was only supposed to be 5 - 3 but i did?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My Creative insect Selatapedia

Walt: Make connections across multiple texts.
Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 10.14.10 AM.png
This bug is called selatapedia it is a good bug that goes and lives in the forest. It eats some leaves on trees that are only green, but especially this bug selatapedia can stick on green leaves and when it comes to rotten leaf's they will fall easily and hit. Sometimes it can’t see where it’s going, sometimes it digs holes in the trees which will be really deep to make a home for it. It doesn't really like dark but love's light.

Task Description: Room 7 literacy are learning about everything from bugs and the fun thing we did was we created our own fun insect bug mine had a really funny looking bug and had a interesting name called selatapedia. It was only the colors blue and yellow it looked of course like a spider but really spiders have 4 pairs of legs on each side except for three like a bug and of course a spider is not a insect.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Year 5 & 6 camp.

Walt: write about our experiences on camp.

Have you ever been on a cold windy camp before? Year 5 & 6 went to camp and had heaps of activities to do at summer. I was so excited that we were going to camp on Wednesday 8th of march.

The year 5 & 6 are going to camp starting on Wednesday till friday. When we got to camp we saw tents which is only 2-4 kids only in the tent, and we had started camp at Pt England School there were helpers and teachers to. It also has a activity rotation which are get lost, kayaking, basketball, rollerblades, and loads more fun things but the one that i was waiting for that i didn’t get to do was bike track i was wanting to go on but never mind any ways there were heaps of things to do.

My favorite part about camp was kayaking. When we first started kayaking it was raining really hard and the wind hit us and we got goose bumps everywhere and we all had to run to Pt England beach. Just when we got there at Pt England beach we had to go by the sand where Mr Burt was so we all ran to the sand and had to sit down and get squashed up so we don’t lose each other.
So then our team had to walk all the way to the water where the kayaks were dragged and while we were walking there was heaps of sharp shells and crabs that dig in the sand to hide themselves but i kept standing on sharp shells. Just when we got there we went on a kayak with 2 or 3 but i went with my friend Naomi so we jumped in and paddled but some of us got stuck and all of us were struggling to go away from the shallow place. But when we paddle we have to go around the green pole but i didn’t go around the pole couple of times.

Thank you helper teachers families and also leaders for helping us team at dancing and making a funny dance for us. But also helpers thanks for helping us and looking out for us if we need help. Of course the teachers were really helpful and taking our teams to the right places were supposed to go.

At camp where it is at Pt England School i learnt tons of things at camp. I learned how to do things that i didn’t know or done before in a short time. Because there is prizegiving for year 5 & 6’s, there was a lot of kids at the hall and heaps of parents and some from Pt England School cheering for every team. This was a amazing camp this year at Pt England School i wouldn't done this without you all.  

Task description: What we did at Pt England School was go to camp on Wednesday 8th march and we had a activities rotation there were loads of fun things to do i really like kayaking on camp for the first day but not when it was cold and raining but it was loads of fun anyways. But although there was a problem that we didn't go on the bike track on the last day and i thought that i was going to go on the bike track but we didn't get to and i felt sad.