Friday, 26 June 2015

Jorelle Matariki

                                  What is Matariki
Matariki is when people celebrate traditional maori new year we also celebrate the seven stars which is the seven sisters. There are other stories that tell matariki. This is one of them it is called Ariki. 

Once upon a time there was nothing but darkness and in between was two beginning’s - Ariki. and his brother lay together. Ranginui
the Father and papatuanuku the mother they were sleeping. They had children for a time all was gone. But the children started growing they were restless and fidgety the children started arguing. Some felted trapped also some of them wanted out !!!. The parents woke up. Someone was separating them. It was Tane Mahuta

You can have kai moana or you can got to Glen Innes to celebrate.
Some people do kapa haka or weave flax. Matariki it is also a time of remembrance plus lots more. You can do fun activities at maori new year like flying kites blowing up fire works or having a feast.     

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