Friday, 5 June 2015

Jorelles netball game all starts

Once there was a team called the all stars we always meet at the netball courts because our netball coach manager has to teach us every thursdays when we get to our netball court we practice.

Shooting Passing and throwing also bouncing we always practice even when some of the other schools are playing on half court we practice shooting the ball in the hoop so we get a lot of scores.

Our coaches names is Tiana and my mum Norelle, we play for Pt England school when we play half court my other friends was really good at playing netball when they have a problem they

try there best and never give up.


  1. Hi Jorelle I enjoyed reading your lovely story about netball because it made me laugh all the way through. I am looking forwards to be seeing your next writing on your blog... From HINERANGI

  2. Hi jorelle I liked reading your story about the all stars and it had a little bit of detail my favourite thing was were you say the all stars never give up. from Naomi

  3. Jahzara. Pakalani28 June 2015 at 12:51

    HI Jorelle what a cool story about netball and I like how you put try there best and never give up from your friend Jahzara. see you at school and at the courts on every thursday.