Friday, 18 November 2016


Walt: write a narrative. 
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Just when our trip at Motat was finished the buses already arrived but i didn’t know. When i went back to the area we were at suddenly everybody was gone on the bus except for me i was terrified alone i didn’t know what to do and where to sleep. But just when it nearly got dark i had to do something to come out of motat.

So just when it got really dark i had nothing to do and where to sleep even though i’m stuck in motat forever, i walked around everywhere and i saw a house a felt really happy. While i got inside i looked around i turned back and i saw heaps of dolls so i ran out of the house as i stopped i heard somebody coming closer towards me i jumped and i saw my friends Daisy, Amelia, Makayla, Paikea, Naomi, we all got lost together i felt really happy i wasn’t alone.    

Task description: This term we are learning about science so we went to motat it was really fun we learned about heaps of things in the olden days also we went in this place were you can learn about science. We were given paper to write about the science things you learnt it was fun.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Walt: think critically about texts

Task description: What we are learning about this term is washing powders. We also had to pick a washing powder logo so i picked tide, then what we had to do next was to do the hardest thing for me was to rhyme about tide and to record to i was so shocked what just happened when my recording was finished.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Walt: to synthesis information across multiple texts.

Task description: We had to learn about hydrophobic
and hydrophilic about washing which is about
important things and really interesting things we
don't know.