Thursday, 13 April 2017



Image result for byeHello and goodbye to all viewers, i will not be posting more things on my blog. But of course i will be telling you my favorite things i liked this term was learning with teachers like maths, reading, and of course writing. So that’s my favorite things and will see you next term bye.  

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Jorelle Eating Insects

Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.
Task description: It was the day where we ate dead frightening crickets 
it was terrible looking it was short and creepy. But anyways these were
the crickets or the terrifying crickets. Just when we chewed the crickets 
it was crunchy as we heard crackling in their teeth i wasn't sure to eat these 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Insect and spider

Walt: Make connection's across multiple text's.

Just another day on thursday a insect called Selatapedia was at a wonderful spring garden walking on every showery green leaf. While ago a jumping spider came by named qwagalian was having another day in the wonderful garden just looking around. Suddenly selatapedia was just walking backwards on top of a towering tall leaf and slipped on a big patch of water and slipped at the corner and was trying to hold very tight on a medium speckled leaf and needed help.

But just as qwagalian was walking around in a chilling way he was wondering if he wanted to go back to where he was so then he turned around and walked back to the spot that he was at. Just walking along jumping around ignoring past other insects and spiders he didn’t see where he was going so he stopped and looked around and didn’t know where he was and got lost.  Qwagalian was frightened from where he was, just when he looked straight up the top a tremendous big puddle splashed on top of both eyes and splatted all over him too. But with qwagalian’s eyes he saw 3 pairs of tiny legs and wanted to see what it was or needed somebody’s help so he jumped to that leaf and saw qwagalian stuck.

So he grabbed selatapedia and pulled him right up and qwagalian was thanked from selatapedia and they both walked back to all the other insects and spiders and had a joyful day.  

Task description: This is a task about spiders and insects, so then we had to write 3 paragraphs in this story but first it was supposed to be planning it is important so that we know what were writing about. It was all about a spider and insect wondering around but suddenly?? 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Food web

Walt: Make connections across multiple text's.        What is a ecosystem??

Well for those who don't know what ecosystem is it's like living things, that are plant's, or animals. What is in the ecosystem is a niche, or a role to 
play with, like anyways if you have small living insects or animals outside like a fly and a beetle
eats the fungi then the fungi will be gone and you keep repeating. Until it looks like the rubbish logo like a water cycle and that's what a ecosystem is. 

Task description: This is a ecosystem which is up 
top next to my picture that i did about my ecosystem
if you're wondering what a ecosystem is just read
the black sentence. But anyways this was what 
we had done like a water cycle like my picture 
and had learned many of the spiders and bugs. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

My spider

Walt: Make connections across multiple texts. 
Screenshot 2017-03-29 at 10.23.27 AM.png
This very interesting spider is called a Qwagalian. It is a spider that has 4 pairs of legs and lives in a dark raining forest it is a kind of suspicious spider that can camouflage on other varied leaves but that is only green. But sometimes this spider can jump weirdly and is super fast.

Task description: This is all about spiders which we room 7 reading have been learning about. It is all about interesting spiders that we create and write about. That i already have, the names Qwagalian it has quite much about itself.