Monday, 23 March 2015

Jorelle reflection

Yesterday the year fours went to Motat on an old school bus, to learn about exciting inventions.

When we arrived at Motat I got so excited because it was going to be so fun.

On our trip we went in the mirror Maze it was so fun when we got in I got dizzy but then i found my way out.

As soon as we finished all of the activities we went back to the meeting room during a little while we went on the tram it was so fun.

Waiting patiently we waited for our bus we said goodbye to the instructors then we left back to school.

1 comment:

  1. That's great you got your Motat writing published and you have reflected about the ways you have tried to make your paragraphs effective. Do you think you could come up with 1-2 things that you could focus on for your next piece of writing?
    (Perhaps the things you had a few 'no' s beside for your reflection.)
    I can see you only wrote 1 sentence for each paragraph so perhaps that should be one of them as it is hard to have varied beginnings for each paragraph if you only have 1 sentence.)
    Well done though.