Thursday, 12 April 2018

Monday, 9 April 2018

Kit kat

Chocolate Challenge
We are learning to justify our ideas.

Facts about Kit Kat
Kit Kat is known as one of the best chocolate around the world.
For example in America and Canada they have the same kitkat
but America’s Kit Kat has a lighter colour . But then Canada’s kit
kat is a lot darker. Kit Kat is also very popular in Japan, in Japan
they have multiple flavors like: Miso, Green tea, and Soy sauce.

When was kit kat created ?
Chocolate was created in the 17th century.
Did you know that in Japan you can get a bakeable version of a
Kit Kat? And did you also know that Kit Kat was originally just
a box of Chocolates,Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar
confection created by Rowntree's of York. Back in the days they
would have kit kat with a cup of tea.

Is Kit kat popular ?

Kit Kat is popular in many countries. In the Ukraine they have
more than 1 billion kit kat’s, in new york 3 million kit kat’s are
made everyday. Almost about 564 kit kat fingers are consumed in
every single second. Kit kat was created by Rowntree's of york,
United kingdom, & is now produced globally by Nestle, which
inquired in 1988 with the exception of the united states where it is made under license by H.B.   

Other group (Crunchie)

Our group thinks that the Crunchie group is one of our biggest competition because they only have 6 ingredients in their chocolate which are gluten free, and vegan is fabulously good. But our competition with the crunchie group is not that bad because they are very friendly to us well we are friendly back to them. But we think that our chocolate is best because it’s known internationally and we don’t just sell our chocolate in New Zealand we also sell them globally across other the planet.

(Crunchie) : It’s a kind of bar that had or that is made out of honeycomb,but in order they keep up with the popular demand. Cadbury produce 1,200 Crunchies per minute – which is one million every day.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Who am I

Today at Pt England school all yr 7 & 8's sat down to see a visitor and his name was Toni, he was talking about attitude about how we can really change us and too see what kind of animal we are in real life & to dump dumb thought's away where we can change. Well sometimes like Golden retriever's, we can make peace to world and family on what we can do to success things we try to think of but in a generously kind way. What would you be to change yourself in a different animal?
Image result for Golden retriever
Just after a little chat with Toni about attitude we stood up an stretched and motivated our brain to get some detailed ideas in mind & had too sit back down and talk about more things about who we are? Sometimes it takes time to think straight away weather a question comes right up from a teacher and you struggle and you lose control, well that means nervously hard to say your answer weather others might laugh and talk about you well you can change.