Friday, 28 October 2016

into the cave!!

Walt: write a narrative.
Along ago in a deep mysterious jungle two kids were on a adventure to discover gold there names were Luke, and Joey. They were in a Jungle they never knew, just when they were walking deep in the jungle far far away they saw nothing but trees and grass and also rocks they got really tired walking just until. They saw a dark frightening cave
they didn’t see anything.

Suddenly one confident kid Joey was never afraid but luke didn’t think it was a great idea so they crept in this mysterious cave and looked around. They could only hear drips of water splatting on the floor and Joey and luke crawling over crackly rocks. Just when Joey leaded the way in the dark cave they heard something creeping towards them.

So they quickly ran behind a rock and saw a shadow lead to a path so they ran to the other path to see what was there it was nothing but darkness in there way. But something glowed in the dark it mighten of been someone coming so they ran behind a tall rock but his friend luke was stuck so he tried to pull him out of the rock until the shadow came closer.

He was free so they ran and something strange was going on there was the same shadow so they ran and saw something shining it was bright gold
they were coming towards it but just then. Luke and Joey got caught getting the treasure they ran and never came back with any gold.  
Task description: I have been writing about two boys called Luke and Joey. They were discovering treasure on there way into a deep cave. But just then Luke got stuck and had help with his friend but then they saw a dark shadow coming they didn't know who.