Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Jorelle advice blog.

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources.

Task description: I have been learning and helping 
James. I have been helping other person's when 
their stuck and could help others so they could 
get more help on my advice.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My Olympic athlete shirt

Walt: Syntheise information from multiple sources. 
Task description: I have been creating my Olympic shirt, this Olympic shirt was enjoying and was fun to do. I chose Adidas and Canterbury for my t-shirt, also on main sponsor and sub-sponsor. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

family facts 6

Walt: Use different strategies to solve subtraction problems. 

Task description: I have been doing my family facts 
and have been sorting out witch number in the triangle 
does it go and their are also times tables and divided by's 
to it was really enjoying for me to do family facts.  

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Jorelle Family facts

Walt: Identify and solve fraction problems.                   

 Task description: I have been learning family facts it is really enjoying for me for maths the part that is enjoying is you have to make the numbers in the triangle is you have to put them in the correct box the most of all there are always divided by's and times tables.  

Jorelle family facts

Walt: Solve subtraction problems                     

 Task description: I have been learning about maths so i did my family facts, my family facts that i like doing is only using the number's in the triangle there are even divided by's and also times tables it was easy because you switch numbers in different boxes but is in the correct box.  

Jorelle Triathlon

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources. 
Today i will be telling you th differences between tryathlon and triathlon. The difference between these two words are tri for triathlon is there are three things the three things are cycling,running, and swimming. But for try is for a example i am trying to beat the other person from sprinting to the finish line. 

Task description: Today i have been learning about the olympics and have been writing about the differences between tryathlon and triathlon if you don't know triathlon, triathlon is a really challenging sport you could do and is about having fun and getting fit. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Jorelle olympic games

Friday 5th of august start's the Rio 2016 Olympic games. What people don't know about the Olympic 2016 games is they have a huge stadium witch is held in Brazil. Their are going to be heaps of people crowded in the stadium at Brazil having their competitions.

I'm so excited to see people celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympic games in the stadium at Brazil. There would be a lot of competitions and especially people. 

What i would really want to see is Valarie Adams is a shot putter. You will need to do is drink Gatorade it gives you strong legs and arms and is the ultimate thing to make you strong and especially fit