Friday, 18 March 2016

Jorelle little red riding hood twist

Walt: retell a story

In a far away land we're all wolves play little red wolf went walking to her grandma wolf’s house to give bones to grandma. She went to a dark mysterious forest she was walking until big bad girl came chasing after little red, suddenly big bad girl came to little reds grannys house.

When grandma wolf was in her bed she heard a knock at the door and she said who’s there big bad girl said me little red riding hood so big bad girl opened the door and chased after grandma wolf but big bad girl locked her up in the cupboard. But when little red knocked on the door big bad girl heard a knock and quickly put granny's clothes on and rushed in bed.

when little red opened the door she went to her grandma and said my what small nose you have, and what small eyes you have, but when big bad girl ran out of bed she was chasing after little red then grandma wolf pulled her in the cupboard with her stick so while big bad girl tried to open the cupboard big bad girl broke the door and grandma wolf and little red was  

screaming and running around when the woodcutter heard somebody screaming. The wood cutter opened the door and saw big bad girl in the house so big bad girl ran away and little red and grandma wolf said thank you for saving me and the woodcutter finally went back to his work.

                                              THE END
Task description: I wrote little red riding hood with a twist

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Jorelle coding certificate

                                 Task description:
 I have been learning about coding and also i have passed all my levels on coding. 

Jorelle vocab task

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Jorelle the three little pigs

Long ago in a forest three little pigs went off and built there houses out of hay, sticks, & bricks. the next day they finally built their three houses out of hay sticks & bricks 2 pigs went outside singing and singing and playing around until the big bad wolf came and saw the 2 pigs. Unfortunately the big bad wolf came rushing after the 2 pigs so the first pig went running in his house. Suddenly the wolf did

 wolf said little pig little pig let me in the pig not by my hair of my chinny chin chin. So the big bad wolf puffed and he puffed and he blew the house down so the little pig ran as fast as he could to the second house. Suddenly the big bad wolf did tricks on the 2 little pigs and the little pigs sang a song Until the big bad wolf said little pigs little pig let me in and the pigs said not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

So he puffed and he puffed and blew the house down and the 2 pigs ran and ran and went to the third brick house. So the two pigs knocked on the door very quickly and ran under the pig bed and felt very scared so the pig locked the door and he played his piano and the two pigs came out of the bed and they sang and sang until the big bad wolf put costumes on to pretend that he was a dentist so the big bad wolf said in a different voice little pig little pig let me in i am a dentist

but then he opened the door a little bit and the big bad wolf tried to get in and the pig grabbed a big toothbrush and banged his foot and the wolf screamed and he screamed and pulled the mat and slammed the door. But then he thought of a plan so the big bad wolf went up the chimney and the pig realised he was going down the chimney so he opened the pot so when the bad wolf went down he felt something weird then the big bad wolf screamed because it burnt his bottom and he screamed and screamed.

Task Description: we were watching a movie the three little pigs and we retell our own story.

Walt: we retell a story