Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Jorelle Lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a old stone lighthouse that was illuminating the treacherous headland. Meanwhile the villagers were celebrating new year. As people cheered with laughter they felt very happy. With annoyance the lighthouse keeper slammed the window the candlelight came off what happened was the sky plunged into darkness.When the keeper ran as quick as he can the keeper flashed his lantern and the keeper saw mechanical cogs and wheels.The keeper went up the stairs and saw a enormous lamp as the lighthouse keeper lifted precariously so soon the lamp was shattering but then he fall over his tool box the lamp crashed as he stood up he ran as a quick as a flash he picked up his toolbox with him. With excitement the keeper opened the door and saw people holding lanterns lighting up but as the keeper and the people holded the light in there hand they were happy with joy. The End


  1. Hi Jorelle I enjoyed reading your story because. I learnt how to write by using clever words and.I learnt how to put much detail.Thank you for sharing your story.By Amelia :)

  2. Hi jorelle I really liked your story about the light house it gave me a lot of ideas for my writing. My favourite sentence was when you said ''what happend is that the sky plunged into darkness''. You should keep it up some people would like your storys you have made.