Wednesday, 26 August 2015


            What is a firefighter  

Other firefighters trains and help people get out of the car when there is a emergency. Also there cars attend to be getting accidents on the road.

What clothes do firefighters wear!!!!
A firefighter always has to wear protective suits. So they can keep safe by fire and smoke especially Gloves, so their hands keep safety when they touch the hot metal beam, so they can’t burn their hands. they really need oxygen tanks to keep on breathing from in the fire for some safety.

What does a firefighter's work involve?

How do you become a firefighter?

First you need to  volunteer for the trade. And you ask a person how to become a firefighter, and tell the firefighter that you have volunteered

Not An Easy Job
Being a firefighter is not easy because you have to be brave smart & strong especially proud when I would be a firefighter I would make new friends and help them.



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