Thursday, 30 June 2016

Family of Facts #5

Walt:Using different strategies to solve number problems 

Task description: I have been using different strategies in my family facts and also had to solve number problems to, on the last page of family facts i had to 
do my own by myself and had to think of a number on my own we had to solve the whole thing for my family facts it was really hard some of it was easy then the other's i had to decorate it to make it more detailed and used light blue for my background to make it more deficilt and made a really good light blue to lighten it up. For my strategies i had to do timetables and divided by's to be quicker in my maths sometimes if your stuck use your maths book and do problem solving to solve your question to get it right.    

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Advice blog

Walt: Understand and use new vocabulary. 

Task description: I have been learning about comic books and helped 
people to understand what they should do to get some help so they
don't get stuck, 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Jorelle settings

Walt: write a setting description.

Task description: We have been writing about our own sentence of our settings.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's car

Walt: we had to imagine about Mr Goodwin's

His car is silver like shiny metal and is 5 seats. It is a ford which has 4 bright wheels also can control the car and has black dull seats it has 2 medium cup holders in the front. Which was really expensive also has a tv in the front.

The story of the car

Long ago There was the most expensive car in the universe it was a shiny metal car. Hmm I wonder who’s inside the car I open my eyes and walk to him “What it’s my teacher from school Mr Goodwin”. I’ve never seen anything like this before I walked up to my teacher then he invited me to go in his new car then i see a tv a coffee machine and a big boot i felt like living in there.

I was so so Jealous of him that I was going to faint inside his car this better be a dream Mr G right. “ No it is real you are looking at the new car ever and the coolest car ever” Mr G said “ I thought you were cheap Mr G” I said, I look at his car and I already know it is going to be cooler inside. I faint in the comfortable chair and i dream
that i had thousands of the same car wake up wake up said Jorelle” Mr Goodwin oooh it was just a dream.   

Task description: We have been imaging about Mr Goodwin's car and we have been thinking about what to write about Mr Goodwin's car

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

At the far away Auckland city, Iron man was on top of a tall building looking for villains that could destroy the city. This day there was one evil villain, in his purple sleeves. The nasty Joker! The Joker through a bomb at every building in the city. Luckily Iron man spots the crime. The Joker laughs “Hahaha this plan will be perfect”...

While he throws his 3 cards it accelerated in the air it makes more evil villains come to life they are called the evil shadow the ghostly wizard last but not least captain mastermind. They were the hardest to bet then iron man see’s foggy clouds in his way KAPOW!!! BANG!!! BOOF!!! Iron man banged on the building so he went quick as a flash Zoooooom.

Iron man flies off. Joker disguises with his 5 cards into a president. So Joker president goes into the building. “I will steal that case in no time” Joker said but iron man couldn't find him but figured out that he had cards in his hand so he searched for cards and he caught Joker he was like the president but then had 50 cards in his pocket so he went with a flash.

Suddenly Iron man jumps onto Joker KAPOW!! Iron man smashes on the building wall and Joker ran away to get the case from the real president so Iron man got up and flew all the way up the building and opens president's door and he see’s Joker running and he grabs his legs and throws him around and he flew down and took them to jail.

“Take this Joker to jail i had” said Iron man so he went to defeat the others and they destroyed Half of the city but they were gone but he found something on the floor it was the three villains. They were really tiny and so he threw them in the water. “Who made the 3 villains so tiny, That is so interesting” said Iron man Hulk laughs because he smashed the 3 villains really tiny.      
Task description: We have been writing about our own superhero writing.