Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Jorelle angry birds

Angry birds is a game and it is a lot of fun.         

Potential energy is when you pull back the rubber band. Kinetic energy is when you reales the rubber band and the bird goes flying. Gravity is when you reales the bird and it goes flying and gravity pulls the bird down. Action and reaction means when you close your eyes and you want to have a sleep. Momentum is when you run fast and you can't stop.

Angry bird is a fun game because you get to heat the pigggiesand we learn potential energy and kinetic energy.


  1. Hi Jorellle it's me Chastyti Ilike the way you used alot of detil in your Angry Birds story.

  2. Hi Jorelle, I like playing Angry Birds with my son, its a really fun game. I enjoyed reading your description of potential energy, kinetic energy and gravity. You are learning some cool things with Ms King.