Friday, 24 July 2015

Jorelle Immersion Assembly

As soon as the bell went our class got ready for immersion assembly. Walking into the hall I heard Mr Burt’s booming voice. Mr Burt spoke out loud saying who’s got 1$ who has 2$ who’s got 3$. Then Mr Burt banged banged banged as loud as he can.

Fortunately I saw team 3s outstanding video. As I kept on watching I felt very surprised of team 3s movie when the movie had finished we all laughed with cheerfulness. 

When team 4s acting came up there were 3 funny characters named Really Happy, Sassy and Calm. They were Miss Lavakula, Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin. A teacher came on pretending to be lawnmowing on stage. But when he had finished lawnmowing Mr Jacobsen came along with money. He gave the teacher  only 10$ but Mr Jacobson had said he would give him 20$.
He felt sad but as the helpers came Mrs Lavakula said,
"You should buy something with your 10$." The teacher thought to himself "I should by some food to spend for my 10$ as they came back from the shop the teacher felt very happy. the end    

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