Friday, 29 May 2015

Jorelle The switch

A solitary man came strolling along eating his yummy lunch. As he slurped of his fingers he felt very content because he ate his delicious lunch.    

He spotted on his t shirt he tried to sweep the mess off his tie.
Unexpectedly a box  came out of nowhere. With anger the solitary man kicked the box.

As he glanced around  he saw a pile of  boxes there he saw a blackish box that was similar to the other boxes. He had an idea so he climbed up a pile of towering boxes. As he leaped off with a blast as he landed on the shiny box but he missed. He knew there was a red button under the shiny box so he hesitated he said  to himself, "What is going to happen if I push the button?"

So he pushed the button and what happened was the blackish box spun in circles and he was terrified.

Unexpectedly his tie got sucked in like a magnet and he could not get his tie out. He pulled his tie what happened was his tie ripped he got very anxious and he didn’t notice that his hands and feet got sucked up.

When he was pulling himself his whole body got sucked up and he disappeared but as the blackish box spat out with another box it had ties on it but then as the box dropped down it changed into the same boxes as the other ones.

The End.


The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

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