Wednesday, 14 December 2016


As you know my literacy teacher’s name is Mr Goodwin, he was a really funny teacher of all he was kind and helpful to us in room 10. Mr Goodwin kind of has big muscles I don’t really know about Mr Moran. But Mr Baxendine my home teacher has to leave pt England school he was much fun always creative in movies and would always smile whenever we're around. Mr Goodwin and Mr Baxendine was the loveliest teachers of all.      


As you know my literacy teacher’s name is Mr Goodwin, he was a really funny teacher of all he was kind and helpful to us in room 10. Mr Goodwin kind of has big muscles I don’t really know about Mr Moran. But Mr Baxendine my home teacher has to leave pt England school he was much fun always creative in movies and would always smile whenever we're around. Mr Goodwin and Mr Baxendine was the loveliest teachers of all.      

Friday, 18 November 2016


Walt: write a narrative. 
Image result for motat
Just when our trip at Motat was finished the buses already arrived but i didn’t know. When i went back to the area we were at suddenly everybody was gone on the bus except for me i was terrified alone i didn’t know what to do and where to sleep. But just when it nearly got dark i had to do something to come out of motat.

So just when it got really dark i had nothing to do and where to sleep even though i’m stuck in motat forever, i walked around everywhere and i saw a house a felt really happy. While i got inside i looked around i turned back and i saw heaps of dolls so i ran out of the house as i stopped i heard somebody coming closer towards me i jumped and i saw my friends Daisy, Amelia, Makayla, Paikea, Naomi, we all got lost together i felt really happy i wasn’t alone.    

Task description: This term we are learning about science so we went to motat it was really fun we learned about heaps of things in the olden days also we went in this place were you can learn about science. We were given paper to write about the science things you learnt it was fun.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Walt: think critically about texts

Task description: What we are learning about this term is washing powders. We also had to pick a washing powder logo so i picked tide, then what we had to do next was to do the hardest thing for me was to rhyme about tide and to record to i was so shocked what just happened when my recording was finished.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Walt: to synthesis information across multiple texts.

Task description: We had to learn about hydrophobic
and hydrophilic about washing which is about
important things and really interesting things we
don't know.

Friday, 28 October 2016

into the cave!!

Walt: write a narrative.
Along ago in a deep mysterious jungle two kids were on a adventure to discover gold there names were Luke, and Joey. They were in a Jungle they never knew, just when they were walking deep in the jungle far far away they saw nothing but trees and grass and also rocks they got really tired walking just until. They saw a dark frightening cave
they didn’t see anything.

Suddenly one confident kid Joey was never afraid but luke didn’t think it was a great idea so they crept in this mysterious cave and looked around. They could only hear drips of water splatting on the floor and Joey and luke crawling over crackly rocks. Just when Joey leaded the way in the dark cave they heard something creeping towards them.

So they quickly ran behind a rock and saw a shadow lead to a path so they ran to the other path to see what was there it was nothing but darkness in there way. But something glowed in the dark it mighten of been someone coming so they ran behind a tall rock but his friend luke was stuck so he tried to pull him out of the rock until the shadow came closer.

He was free so they ran and something strange was going on there was the same shadow so they ran and saw something shining it was bright gold
they were coming towards it but just then. Luke and Joey got caught getting the treasure they ran and never came back with any gold.  
Task description: I have been writing about two boys called Luke and Joey. They were discovering treasure on there way into a deep cave. But just then Luke got stuck and had help with his friend but then they saw a dark shadow coming they didn't know who.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Image result for holes movie

Today our class just finished watching the funny movie named holes. But actually before the movie we read the book, It was a really cool movie and a little bit of the movie had funny parts in the movie holes. It mighten of been my favorite book but some of the bits in the book was really different to the movie. I loved to read and watch holes and how it was interesting. The movie was all about boys digging heaps of holes because they have a man that will watch them.

Here’s the link to the movie holes but you should read the book first. Holes movie

Spaceship explodes

Astronaut career[edit]Have you ever heard a spaceship explode? So this is how the story went, While ago two kids named Lena and Luke. Who just wanted to see what it would look like if they were out in space. They would always love to learn about spaceships and much more.

Task description: This was just one paragraph of my story but here is a link for my full story if you liked it but it is alright if you didn't but i next time i will try. Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Family facts

Walt: Solve fraction problems.
Task description: The task that i am doing today is family facts 2. Today for
family facts was i had to fill in boxes in a house to solve the answer which had
numbers on top so i have to use them to figure out the answer. So i could
figure out the right one.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Sports drinks.

Walt: Think critically about information. Task description: I have been learning all about sport drinks for what they are/PMI. This on my blog post here is all about sport drinks and in my presentation i have been explaining what they are and there main ingredients also what they look/taste/purpose. And there are lots more to learn. In my PMI i wrote every positive thing like plus minus and interesting.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Pick a path

Walt: Think critically about information.
Task description: I have been writing about pick a path but my title is Sam's
funny story, and also Sam has been discovering in a mysterious world that
just came out of nowhere. Sam really struggles a lot. Just as Sam released
he saw a sign which was called cliff he didn't like the sound of that because he
always gets scared and his stuff fly's away.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Jorelle advice blog.

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources.

Task description: I have been learning and helping 
James. I have been helping other person's when 
their stuck and could help others so they could 
get more help on my advice.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My Olympic athlete shirt

Walt: Syntheise information from multiple sources. 
Task description: I have been creating my Olympic shirt, this Olympic shirt was enjoying and was fun to do. I chose Adidas and Canterbury for my t-shirt, also on main sponsor and sub-sponsor. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

family facts 6

Walt: Use different strategies to solve subtraction problems. 

Task description: I have been doing my family facts 
and have been sorting out witch number in the triangle 
does it go and their are also times tables and divided by's 
to it was really enjoying for me to do family facts.  

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Jorelle Family facts

Walt: Identify and solve fraction problems.                   

 Task description: I have been learning family facts it is really enjoying for me for maths the part that is enjoying is you have to make the numbers in the triangle is you have to put them in the correct box the most of all there are always divided by's and times tables.  

Jorelle family facts

Walt: Solve subtraction problems                     

 Task description: I have been learning about maths so i did my family facts, my family facts that i like doing is only using the number's in the triangle there are even divided by's and also times tables it was easy because you switch numbers in different boxes but is in the correct box.  

Jorelle Triathlon

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources. 
Today i will be telling you th differences between tryathlon and triathlon. The difference between these two words are tri for triathlon is there are three things the three things are cycling,running, and swimming. But for try is for a example i am trying to beat the other person from sprinting to the finish line. 

Task description: Today i have been learning about the olympics and have been writing about the differences between tryathlon and triathlon if you don't know triathlon, triathlon is a really challenging sport you could do and is about having fun and getting fit. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Jorelle olympic games

Friday 5th of august start's the Rio 2016 Olympic games. What people don't know about the Olympic 2016 games is they have a huge stadium witch is held in Brazil. Their are going to be heaps of people crowded in the stadium at Brazil having their competitions.

I'm so excited to see people celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympic games in the stadium at Brazil. There would be a lot of competitions and especially people. 

What i would really want to see is Valarie Adams is a shot putter. You will need to do is drink Gatorade it gives you strong legs and arms and is the ultimate thing to make you strong and especially fit           

Thursday, 7 July 2016

suzie and the space nuts

Walt: Understand multiple viewpoints and perspectives. 

Swoosh went gort and frebble in their spaceship they had to decide what planet that they just forgotten when they accidentally landed onto earth, When they were trying to chose gort said" remember not to go back to earth like
we just did the other time when we couldn't find our spaceship" frebble replied" don't be so silly were not going 
back were going back to our own planet" replied frebble.

Gort replied" what if you didn't remember our planet"frebble said" no i remember everything" while they quickly blasted of into space they were trying to think and they got really scared that they would go on to the other horrible planet they just went on. So they decided as gort pressed the button gort and frebble blasted of in the spaceship really fast. 

When gort said to frebble" this spaceship is to fast we might crash into something we have to stop this spaceship 
before we crash" So while they stopped they leaned forward really and got really dizzy when they just fell on the floor they just landed and got out when they felt hairy fluff when gort and frebble screamed" ahhhhhhhhhhhh
help we just stepped on a hairy planet. 

"said both of them they quickly ran away and hopped in their spaceship and zoomed off to another planet it was
just a monster that they just stepped on gort and frebble did not know it was a monster so they blasted out of the planet and had to decide again but they just kept getting them wrong and wrong.

Task description: we have been reading about suzie and the space nuts we had to wright 4 or 5 paragraphs in or writing we had to work on or own for our own writing 
we had to write about what the story said for suzie and the space nuts i really enjoyed 
reading suzie and the space nuts also writing our paragraphs we had to pick a word 
on our page and i choose monsters. this is my story and picture.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Family facts

Walt: identify and solve fraction problems. 

Task description: I have been learning about family
facts for maths and i have been trying to solve problems
in my family facts witch was my last page for family facts 
i had to solve witch number i had to use for my divided
by's and timetables. I made my numbers really difficult 
because i am not supposed to be doing the same number 
on my other pages so i did and i made it detailed for my

Family facts

Walt: using different strategies to solve number problems. 

Task description: I have been learning about family 
facts like using different strategies to solve number
problems. On the last page i had to figure out what 
number i had to use for the divided by's and timetables.
I was stuck on my last page so i got some help and 
now i remembered i had to make it more difficult then
the other pages on family facts i really enjoyed 
learning my family facts, But also i had to get more 
quicker using different strategies to solve number 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Family facts 3

Walt: Identify and solve fraction problems. 

Task Description: I have been learning my family facts
3 and trying to get more quicker when i do my maths,
On the last page i had to do my family facts all by my 
self to get more smarter to get quicker i really think 
this family facts is easy when i'm thinking and i really 
enjoyed trying to get faster on my maths and i solved
fraction problems to, for me i need to get thinking, And 
get smarter so i could get more fast when i'm learning. 


Walt: Write a setting description.
Along ago in a far away city, There was Silver flash on top of a tall building spotting criminal’s all over the city, Suddenly horrible evil Dr doom comes to spot superhero’s
so he could create more evil villains, Because he wants to take over the world by  crushing superhero’s by stopping them saving the day.

While Dr doom was creating villains in his secret lab he got his positions and quickly made his evil villain. While he created one he and his evil villain stopped and waited, Dr doom really wanted to name him so he called him evil stoker when he was outside Dr doom told evil stoker to crush silver flash so both of us can rule the world.

So he did as he told him so when silver flash was outside she saw a evil guy but didn't
his name, Then she just went of to stop him, But while Dr doom climbed all the way up the building he just kept huffing and puffing until he made a evil face so he went off and ran
to silver flash so he got his net and captured her and his evil stoker took him down to the ground.

The evil Dr doom told silver flash where to get superpowers to take over the city by stopping silver flash by taking care of the city so she said never but that had a location
where to get the powers so they left when silver flash tried to think of something to get
out of the cage but she thought that if her powers could work.

When she tried her ice powers she iced the bars and touched the bars and it cracked
so she used her speedy powers and lit off when she saw them touch the powers so she
crashed the glass and bumped them away so they can’t touch the 7 gems by taking them but now evil stoker disappeared in a fast way.

So she had to battle Dr doom but Dr doom ran to silver flash and he accidentally stepped onto the button and he fall in a silver flash’s trap. THE END

Task Description: I have been drawing a picture for my superhero for the art exhibition also i wrote about my picture that i have done, I wanted my writing to be detailed because it can be more creative in my superhero writing, My superhero is called silver flash who traps Dr doom. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Family of Facts #5

Walt:Using different strategies to solve number problems 

Task description: I have been using different strategies in my family facts and also had to solve number problems to, on the last page of family facts i had to 
do my own by myself and had to think of a number on my own we had to solve the whole thing for my family facts it was really hard some of it was easy then the other's i had to decorate it to make it more detailed and used light blue for my background to make it more deficilt and made a really good light blue to lighten it up. For my strategies i had to do timetables and divided by's to be quicker in my maths sometimes if your stuck use your maths book and do problem solving to solve your question to get it right.    

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Advice blog

Walt: Understand and use new vocabulary. 

Task description: I have been learning about comic books and helped 
people to understand what they should do to get some help so they
don't get stuck, 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Jorelle settings

Walt: write a setting description.

Task description: We have been writing about our own sentence of our settings.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's car

Walt: we had to imagine about Mr Goodwin's

His car is silver like shiny metal and is 5 seats. It is a ford which has 4 bright wheels also can control the car and has black dull seats it has 2 medium cup holders in the front. Which was really expensive also has a tv in the front.

The story of the car

Long ago There was the most expensive car in the universe it was a shiny metal car. Hmm I wonder who’s inside the car I open my eyes and walk to him “What it’s my teacher from school Mr Goodwin”. I’ve never seen anything like this before I walked up to my teacher then he invited me to go in his new car then i see a tv a coffee machine and a big boot i felt like living in there.

I was so so Jealous of him that I was going to faint inside his car this better be a dream Mr G right. “ No it is real you are looking at the new car ever and the coolest car ever” Mr G said “ I thought you were cheap Mr G” I said, I look at his car and I already know it is going to be cooler inside. I faint in the comfortable chair and i dream
that i had thousands of the same car wake up wake up said Jorelle” Mr Goodwin oooh it was just a dream.   

Task description: We have been imaging about Mr Goodwin's car and we have been thinking about what to write about Mr Goodwin's car

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

At the far away Auckland city, Iron man was on top of a tall building looking for villains that could destroy the city. This day there was one evil villain, in his purple sleeves. The nasty Joker! The Joker through a bomb at every building in the city. Luckily Iron man spots the crime. The Joker laughs “Hahaha this plan will be perfect”...

While he throws his 3 cards it accelerated in the air it makes more evil villains come to life they are called the evil shadow the ghostly wizard last but not least captain mastermind. They were the hardest to bet then iron man see’s foggy clouds in his way KAPOW!!! BANG!!! BOOF!!! Iron man banged on the building so he went quick as a flash Zoooooom.

Iron man flies off. Joker disguises with his 5 cards into a president. So Joker president goes into the building. “I will steal that case in no time” Joker said but iron man couldn't find him but figured out that he had cards in his hand so he searched for cards and he caught Joker he was like the president but then had 50 cards in his pocket so he went with a flash.

Suddenly Iron man jumps onto Joker KAPOW!! Iron man smashes on the building wall and Joker ran away to get the case from the real president so Iron man got up and flew all the way up the building and opens president's door and he see’s Joker running and he grabs his legs and throws him around and he flew down and took them to jail.

“Take this Joker to jail i had” said Iron man so he went to defeat the others and they destroyed Half of the city but they were gone but he found something on the floor it was the three villains. They were really tiny and so he threw them in the water. “Who made the 3 villains so tiny, That is so interesting” said Iron man Hulk laughs because he smashed the 3 villains really tiny.      
Task description: We have been writing about our own superhero writing.  

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Jorelle similarities

Walt: understand perceptions

Task description: We are learning about similarities of a dragon and a princess

Monday, 30 May 2016

Jorelle family facts

Walt: Identify and solve fraction problem's. 

Task description: I have been learning and 
solving fraction problem's and have to do 
fraction problem's on my own with out any 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Jorelle comic writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.

Task Description: We are learning abut comic books this term and we are putting onomatopoeia in our writing too. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Jorelle agree disagree

Revenge of the Aliens 2.4.1996
Agree/ Disagree
Use the text to figure out whether the Author would agree or disagree with the statements below.

You will need to:
  1. state whether the author would agree or disagree
  2. put the page number that you found your evidence for this
  3. explain how the evidence you found makes you think the author would agree or disagree with the statement.

The first one has been done for you
Agree/ Disagree
Brendon thinks they had zapped a lot of Aliens.
Brendon says “ It’s practically a world record” which means it must be a lot.
Each of the spaceships they destroy has over 50 Aliens on board.
Because it says that the alien spaceship bites the dust! Another one hundred aliens blown to bits!
Kelly and Brendon are siblings.
“ Haven’t you gone home yet Kelly” Mum said, and that is why Kelly and Brendon aren't siblings
Before today Brendon had only got to level 6 before.
Brendon says “ We’re nearly up to level seven, I’ve never got that far before”.
Level 7 is easy for Brendon and Kelly.
Brendon says “It’s  the most difficult level of all. I don’t think anyone’s ever got to level 7 before “ .
Mum was frightened that Brendon and Kelly had been sucked into  the computer.
Because Mum said “ Kelly and Brendon were in front of the computer just a minute ago”

Jorelle Discussion doc

Discussion Doc
Suzie and the Space Nuts

Walt: understand multiple viewpoints and perspectives

Work on this Doc together with a partner or in a 3.
You will need to share the doc with each other and be respectful to one another. You can only write an answer when you both agree.

What was Suzie talking about when she said “Billy broke it…” Why do you think that?
In Suzie’s sleep she thought that Billy broke something outside the window but it wasn’t him. Because she was sleeping she didn’t know that it was a flying saucer which landed in the empty section next door.

Because she was asleep

What do you think happened last time Freeble and Gort landed on a planet? Why do you think that?
They landed on a planet where there were bad Aliens and creepy monsters. I think that because Gort is saying  “ I’m warning you  remember Freeble, this is a bad idea! Remember what happened on the last planet we landed on”.

Why do the aliens think that Suzie is ugly? Why do you think that?-
I think that Gort does not like any kind of horrible monsters like Suzie. I also think that Suzie thinks that the Aliens were ugly and the Aliens think Suzie was even more ugly.

Why do you think that Freebie ate the plates instead of the food? Why do you think that?
Because Freeble thought that all alien food is yum and Humans is yuck. That is why Freeble ate the plates and not Human food. But to humans they think that alien food is yuck and human food is nice.  

Why would suzie want to have a ride in the spaceship? Why do you think that?
When Suzie got in the spaceship she knew that the Aliens were going to eat her because the Aliens asked Suzie what do girls like to eat on this planet. She also knew that the Aliens were going to eat her because the Alien said sounds great lead the way, them I’m STARVING….  

What do you think has happened to the spaceship?
The cat took the spaceship because he was the only one who saw the spaceship. This was when Gort and Freeble were fighting ,because Gort felt like the planet wasn’t safe because of what happened last time that they landed on a planet.