Friday, 24 April 2015

Jorelle Immersion Assembly

As soon as we walked into the hall with room 11 and 12 I saw some teachers making
marshmallows and pancakes.As we sat down a drone appeared flying and spinning
around and around it looked very amazing and the drone was controlled by Mr Burt.
When Mr Burt was talking the people who were baking were giving out snacks to people. In Immersion assembly Mr Burt was giving us too many t’s because the topic was Tinkering Tools and Toys.

With excitement team 5 came marching down the middle of the hall. Suddenly I heard Mr
Wisman announcing what his class is learning this term. When Ms Moala stepped up straight she looked all around then Ms Telea laughed in a deep voice. I also liked team 3 because the teachers looked so funny when they were posing. They
looked funny when they played their games.

I felt so happy at the Immersion assembly I wanted to stay there.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Jorelle Kazoo

Today room 11 was with Mr Blakey he taught us how to make a kazoo with
craft sticks kazoo. First we used the craft sticks secondly we had elastic rubber bands

then we connected it and we were all done.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jorelle Finding Half

Jorelle Picnic story

On a very wonderful Friday the whole of Pt england school went down to the beach for a picnic. We went with our teachers and helpers to keep us safe. As we went down to the beach is because so we could have some fun.My favourite activity was Making gluggy clay because I like Playing with gooey things. I also liked putting the clay in the water because it gets gooey they were all sorts of cool clay. My 2nd favourite part of the day was playing with the gluggy clay.
I felt very excited with my friends because we saw people swimming in a salty water.