Thursday, 29 October 2015

Jorelle Non - stop cricket


As room 11/12 overflew with excitement as it was turn batting I furiously hit the ball it accelerated in the air. and felt very happy because it looked very fun.


When it was room 11’s turn fielding we sprinted on the watery grass but we had to start off by going behind the cones. When room 12 took their turn fielding it was room 11’s turn fielding as room 12 hit the ball accelerated far in the air I energetically took the ball and sprinted to the person who hit it.  



When room 11 was batting outside in the shivering cold morning. I batted as far as I could as room 12 was fielding they caught the ball in there hands and gave the ball back.


It was fun playing non - stop cricket because my favorite part was fielding by catching the ball in my hands and batting as far as I could.

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