Friday, 1 July 2016


Walt: Write a setting description.
Along ago in a far away city, There was Silver flash on top of a tall building spotting criminal’s all over the city, Suddenly horrible evil Dr doom comes to spot superhero’s
so he could create more evil villains, Because he wants to take over the world by  crushing superhero’s by stopping them saving the day.

While Dr doom was creating villains in his secret lab he got his positions and quickly made his evil villain. While he created one he and his evil villain stopped and waited, Dr doom really wanted to name him so he called him evil stoker when he was outside Dr doom told evil stoker to crush silver flash so both of us can rule the world.

So he did as he told him so when silver flash was outside she saw a evil guy but didn't
his name, Then she just went of to stop him, But while Dr doom climbed all the way up the building he just kept huffing and puffing until he made a evil face so he went off and ran
to silver flash so he got his net and captured her and his evil stoker took him down to the ground.

The evil Dr doom told silver flash where to get superpowers to take over the city by stopping silver flash by taking care of the city so she said never but that had a location
where to get the powers so they left when silver flash tried to think of something to get
out of the cage but she thought that if her powers could work.

When she tried her ice powers she iced the bars and touched the bars and it cracked
so she used her speedy powers and lit off when she saw them touch the powers so she
crashed the glass and bumped them away so they can’t touch the 7 gems by taking them but now evil stoker disappeared in a fast way.

So she had to battle Dr doom but Dr doom ran to silver flash and he accidentally stepped onto the button and he fall in a silver flash’s trap. THE END

Task Description: I have been drawing a picture for my superhero for the art exhibition also i wrote about my picture that i have done, I wanted my writing to be detailed because it can be more creative in my superhero writing, My superhero is called silver flash who traps Dr doom. 

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