Thursday, 7 July 2016

suzie and the space nuts

Walt: Understand multiple viewpoints and perspectives. 

Swoosh went gort and frebble in their spaceship they had to decide what planet that they just forgotten when they accidentally landed onto earth, When they were trying to chose gort said" remember not to go back to earth like
we just did the other time when we couldn't find our spaceship" frebble replied" don't be so silly were not going 
back were going back to our own planet" replied frebble.

Gort replied" what if you didn't remember our planet"frebble said" no i remember everything" while they quickly blasted of into space they were trying to think and they got really scared that they would go on to the other horrible planet they just went on. So they decided as gort pressed the button gort and frebble blasted of in the spaceship really fast. 

When gort said to frebble" this spaceship is to fast we might crash into something we have to stop this spaceship 
before we crash" So while they stopped they leaned forward really and got really dizzy when they just fell on the floor they just landed and got out when they felt hairy fluff when gort and frebble screamed" ahhhhhhhhhhhh
help we just stepped on a hairy planet. 

"said both of them they quickly ran away and hopped in their spaceship and zoomed off to another planet it was
just a monster that they just stepped on gort and frebble did not know it was a monster so they blasted out of the planet and had to decide again but they just kept getting them wrong and wrong.

Task description: we have been reading about suzie and the space nuts we had to wright 4 or 5 paragraphs in or writing we had to work on or own for our own writing 
we had to write about what the story said for suzie and the space nuts i really enjoyed 
reading suzie and the space nuts also writing our paragraphs we had to pick a word 
on our page and i choose monsters. this is my story and picture.

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  1. Hi Jorelle, like how you exended the story. But there is just a tiny problem. The problem is your capital letters and sentences.You just forgot to put in your capital letters for the start of your story. The sencentes some of them don't make sencetes. Like this one ( frebble was about to go off to planet frebble said”). Apart from that Well done. You did a great job.You did awesome writing. ;)