Friday, 10 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's car

Walt: we had to imagine about Mr Goodwin's

His car is silver like shiny metal and is 5 seats. It is a ford which has 4 bright wheels also can control the car and has black dull seats it has 2 medium cup holders in the front. Which was really expensive also has a tv in the front.

The story of the car

Long ago There was the most expensive car in the universe it was a shiny metal car. Hmm I wonder who’s inside the car I open my eyes and walk to him “What it’s my teacher from school Mr Goodwin”. I’ve never seen anything like this before I walked up to my teacher then he invited me to go in his new car then i see a tv a coffee machine and a big boot i felt like living in there.

I was so so Jealous of him that I was going to faint inside his car this better be a dream Mr G right. “ No it is real you are looking at the new car ever and the coolest car ever” Mr G said “ I thought you were cheap Mr G” I said, I look at his car and I already know it is going to be cooler inside. I faint in the comfortable chair and i dream
that i had thousands of the same car wake up wake up said Jorelle” Mr Goodwin oooh it was just a dream.   

Task description: We have been imaging about Mr Goodwin's car and we have been thinking about what to write about Mr Goodwin's car

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