Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Food web

Walt: Make connections across multiple text's.        What is a ecosystem??

Well for those who don't know what ecosystem is it's like living things, that are plant's, or animals. What is in the ecosystem is a niche, or a role to 
play with, like anyways if you have small living insects or animals outside like a fly and a beetle
eats the fungi then the fungi will be gone and you keep repeating. Until it looks like the rubbish logo like a water cycle and that's what a ecosystem is. 

Task description: This is a ecosystem which is up 
top next to my picture that i did about my ecosystem
if you're wondering what a ecosystem is just read
the black sentence. But anyways this was what 
we had done like a water cycle like my picture 
and had learned many of the spiders and bugs. 

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  1. Hi Jorelle I love your work i'm sure it's better than mine btw your amazing and keep up the great work.
    From Trendy