Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How to learn?

How to husk a coconut.

1. Climb a coconut tree and grab a coconut.
2. The coconut should be the color green as it is ripe.
3. Get a rock and carve a big stick until it is sharp.
4. Get the stick and plant it to the ground until it is secured down.
5. Get the coconut stab the coconut in the stick in the middle and keep going until the skin is off.
6. Once your done get a butcher knife and cut around the coconut in half.

How to weave a basket.

1. Pull the flax down from a coconut tree.
2. You get ur flax and split it in half.
3. Get both pieces of ur flax and stick it together.
4. Start flaxing until it makes a basket.

How to keep healthy.

1. Always keep fit everyday.
2. Eat healthy fruit and vegetables.
3. Drink heaps of water so you can be hydrated.
4. Train really hard to keep your body motivated.

5. Always work hard.

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