Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Jorelle immersion assembly

Walt: recount an event.

Have you ever studied comic books before. For team 4 we are learning about superheroes
For our comic books, comic books are fun books to read and learn.

For assembly our school theme is as i see it which is art. Team 1 is doing all about there
Favorite things it relates to drawing pictures for their favorite things, the other teams are
Doing things which are Architecture, season’s, boat races, the seasons that team 2 was,
Winter, spring, summer, Autumn.

This term for team 4 we are studying comic books about superheros and telling stories of sequential art. Back in the old days caveman drawn pictures on walls with dirt it's like
Comic books going on and on with their stories.

What i liked about this new term at immersion assembly was exciting. Because we are doing heaps of art this term even though i am looking forward on my own comic book that we are creating.

Task description: For this term at immersion assembly we are writing about comic books for team 4 

and also creating our own superhero comic book.

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