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Jorelle Discussion doc

Discussion Doc
Suzie and the Space Nuts

Walt: understand multiple viewpoints and perspectives

Work on this Doc together with a partner or in a 3.
You will need to share the doc with each other and be respectful to one another. You can only write an answer when you both agree.

What was Suzie talking about when she said “Billy broke it…” Why do you think that?
In Suzie’s sleep she thought that Billy broke something outside the window but it wasn’t him. Because she was sleeping she didn’t know that it was a flying saucer which landed in the empty section next door.

Because she was asleep

What do you think happened last time Freeble and Gort landed on a planet? Why do you think that?
They landed on a planet where there were bad Aliens and creepy monsters. I think that because Gort is saying  “ I’m warning you  remember Freeble, this is a bad idea! Remember what happened on the last planet we landed on”.

Why do the aliens think that Suzie is ugly? Why do you think that?-
I think that Gort does not like any kind of horrible monsters like Suzie. I also think that Suzie thinks that the Aliens were ugly and the Aliens think Suzie was even more ugly.

Why do you think that Freebie ate the plates instead of the food? Why do you think that?
Because Freeble thought that all alien food is yum and Humans is yuck. That is why Freeble ate the plates and not Human food. But to humans they think that alien food is yuck and human food is nice.  

Why would suzie want to have a ride in the spaceship? Why do you think that?
When Suzie got in the spaceship she knew that the Aliens were going to eat her because the Aliens asked Suzie what do girls like to eat on this planet. She also knew that the Aliens were going to eat her because the Alien said sounds great lead the way, them I’m STARVING….  

What do you think has happened to the spaceship?
The cat took the spaceship because he was the only one who saw the spaceship. This was when Gort and Freeble were fighting ,because Gort felt like the planet wasn’t safe because of what happened last time that they landed on a planet.

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