Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Jorelle fiafia

Did you enjoy pt England's fiafia performance. Last week on Thursday
We had a big performance. I felt very excited and nervous at the same time.

Fiafia performance was last week on Thursday there was thousands and thousands of people. I felt very excited and nervous at the sametime.

On fiafia there were heaps of people and supporters cheering. It was last week on Thursday. Where we were was outside on the grass where we all sit and watch. For fiafia we had to stay in our groups.

On fiafia we had to sit down watch other kids perform on stage. Fiafia
was last week on Thursday we were also outside on the field where we all perform. We had to stay in our fiafia groups with our teachers.

My group was Togan I chose togan because I wanted to see what it feel’s like to be in the tongan group. It took 5 to 6 weeks to practice.

The group that i liked was nesian fusion group was doing the fire dance and sometimes we had problems because kids kept standing up and we couldn't see.

Fiafia was a really great experience for me and the favorite thing that i liked was when we watched everybody dance on stage and people was supporting.  


  1. Hi there jorelle,It looks like you had a very fun time.i also felt exited but nervous at the same time.i heard there also was food stalls? i loved reading your writing.

  2. Hi there Jorelle, your writing was great and I think you did great. I remember seeing you dancing really nice and I had fun as well. It reminds me about when I had my family reunion and we separately had to perform in front of everyone. I think that you should add some more things about you group because it didn't have much info. Did you have fun you didn't say?