Tuesday, 5 April 2016

camp experience

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
On  a sunny Tuesday I went to camp with the year ⅚ when i first went to camp I felt very nervous. And the group that I was in was the kind kings also we have been sleeping in tents and had a really crazy time.

What i did at camp was playing a lot of fun activities for three days. In three days i was sleeping in a tent outside with three girls named Hilary and penny it was very funny when i was sleeping with them .

My favourite activity was kayaking because you get to paddle on a kayak and the
Funniest part was when one of them fell out of the kayak. And also some other kids hopped out of there kayak and helped people whether there going left or right.

My 2nd favourite highlight was top town. But the secret name was called the killer zone. The reason why I picked top town was because it had heaps of fun

At camp I really enjoyed playing varied activities. I also liked camping because
It was a lot of fun especially making new friends in a group. Camp was a awesome


Task Description: Two weeks ago there was a year 5&6 camp going on. 
We also played heaps of activities at camp and had heaps of fun. Every single person enjoyed this years camp experience.

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