Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Picture book.

Walt: Write for a younger audience. 

On a cold afternoon bunny 1 and bunny 2 wanted to go and discover the 8 planets near the moon. So they had a visit to NASA to fly off in the air they were really really excited but they had a problem here.

So bunny 1 and bunny 2 accidentally pressed a button, ohhh no what to do, you pressed the wrong button bunny 2. 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF.

Taking off in the rocket bunny 1 and bunny 2 didn’t know what to do so they quickly put on there astronaut suits. While bunny 2 was sitting down he thought that mercury was a town, then bunny 1 saw something ahead while looking it was mercury again. It was way too hot for them.

Blasting right off to the 2nd planet venus was our next medium planet. So bunny 2 hippity hopped couldn’t wait so she stopped they thought it was familiar they thought it was to brown they thought it wasn’t the right planet for them to sit down.

Looking at this planet looked much like home so they skipped to the 4th one and off they go.

Before they would go and hippity hop on this planet they said we need to discover this mars planet. Bunny 2 said there would be much much trouble i think you can not stand on this big giant bubble.

Rushing to the 6th planet jupiter, bunny 1 was acting familiar he was running and running not to stop he couldn’t wait to meet the next lot. Just jumping up and down bunny 2 sat right down he knew there was heaps of air in it so bunny 2 told bunny 1 to not to touch it.

Going on with the next planet saturn not far ahead they looked and looked until bunny 2 hit her head she had a big lump while jumping right outside bunny 1 told her not to jump before you get a bumpy ride. so they skipped took off to the next planet.

Uranus was our next stop they were really really brave hippity hop on the ship was a blue planet out of space. Neptune was the only one lieing on it’s side which he was really lonely orbiting round the sun on the outside.

Neptune is the last, the farthest planet in the solar system lets take of for a blast. It was really really dark they knew this planet had heaps of rain or lightning or even though like storms.

So bunny 1 and bunny 2 straight away went home woohoo bunny 1 was really excited so they went to Nasa to fly their rocket. So bunny 2 was so relieved that they're back home from earth whew where are we they got really really dizzy that they gave information if the planets were alright they said oh my this planet is indeed really good for limiting you may go bunny 2 and bunny 1 you are believed have a happy ending.

Task description: We have been learning about our solar system
and how it works weather we are talking about Pluto or the eight
planets. Sometimes we have been learning about interesting things
like how they go around the sun for a year which is really really long.

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