Monday, 31 July 2017

Space writing.

Walt: Structure a narrative piece of writing.

This year in 4017 a place of extraordinary od dinosaurs who are really sometimes mischievous. But ahead of all creatures a volcano is going to explode any minute so me and my friend hinerangi are trying to escape our own planet but we are really looking forward to something we can fly in. While looking around we took a day before the volcano will explode so we laid down until we felt something bumpy i got up and saw something strange and while taking a longer look i knew it was a jet so hinerangi pressed any random button but then with a mighty blast we exploded up in the air to finding a new planet.  

Just as me and hinerangi got to this ordinary planet we finally landed we got out and saw all types of different space animals even aliens that i wasn't expecting to see, but anyways i was really excited that no other animals were really mental. Once looking around the planet no one knew us but they did look nice but i wanted them to have their moment of piece. Suddenly everyone like the space animals and aliens looked straight at us? So when they just kept looking we wanted to walk and walk but they kept following i was really annoyed. So then me and hinerangi had to run we ran as fast as we could to find a place to hide and they were at our tails so we found a cave and quickly got in.

Just while everybody and that was gone we finally ran to a different other place so that nobody finds us. Meanwhile as it was getting dark we went to sleep and had a rest from running. In the morning me and hinerangi woke up but then they had a big problem they didn’t know where they were at that time, they thought they were at the places where the space animals spot we were scared so we sneakily crept out and kept seeing if anyone like scary aliens would come. When walking around suddenly they saw one of the space animals they were terrified so they walked backwards and accidently bumped into someone oh no they knew it was the aliens they quickly ran but couldn’t escape they were getting crept out they would cook them for dinner.

As me and hinerangi was scared a voice that came out of nowhere mighten of cam from the space animals our the aliens. I talked back to see if it was them so it came again i told if it was them the aliens said yes it was really creepy but they weren’t scary at all so we started to keep talking so we can get along from them trying to cook us. I started to say are you trying to cook us they said no the spaceanimals thought that you were trying to ruin the planet by running away and stealing stuff to take to your other planet. Hinerangi said we would never do that unless we should be going to find another planet.

The aliens told us if you wanted to stay we said of course so we started to play along like tag and hide and clap. Sometimes we go and do some funny things or tell stories like long or short we also live in a scary cave i really miss my other planet but it was gone by a volcano anyways where all the stuff i had from memories.

Task description: In room 7 we have been learning about space and planets in our solar system. Out of all these planets they are named after the roman god like mars, Jupiter, and all kinds of them but mostly the stars there are most of them around the world and especially did you know that these sand grains the tiny bits don't have more then our stars around earth. Sometimes we talk about what these planets was and what they had in them.

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