Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wk8 spear fishing

Walt: Think critically about what we read
Task description: We are learning about sear fishing in room 7 we are 
having lots of fun about spear fishing it is a really good learning. It is 
my second time spear fishing only when it is low tide this is when i have 
a trip at Rarotonga i was surprised but scared at the same time.  

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  1. Hi Jorelle! I loved this blog post, I have never been fishing in my entire life so I wish I could fish in the future. Anyways I miss all of you guys, even though I moved I am sad, but I am also greatful for where I live cause we own 2 lamas, 1 pony ( also other horses ) and also a carf and other cows. I hope to see more amazing! blog posts!