Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My Creative insect Selatapedia

Walt: Make connections across multiple texts.
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This bug is called selatapedia it is a good bug that goes and lives in the forest. It eats some leaves on trees that are only green, but especially this bug selatapedia can stick on green leaves and when it comes to rotten leaf's they will fall easily and hit. Sometimes it can’t see where it’s going, sometimes it digs holes in the trees which will be really deep to make a home for it. It doesn't really like dark but love's light.

Task Description: Room 7 literacy are learning about everything from bugs and the fun thing we did was we created our own fun insect bug mine had a really funny looking bug and had a interesting name called selatapedia. It was only the colors blue and yellow it looked of course like a spider but really spiders have 4 pairs of legs on each side except for three like a bug and of course a spider is not a insect.

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