Thursday, 27 November 2014

Abel tasman

Abel Tasman national park is located on the top of the South Island. it is between golden bay and Tasman bay, near Nelson an the Cookstrait. Abel Tasman national park is named after
Abel Tasman, he was the first European man to see NZ.

People like to tramp and camp at the Abel Tasman national park some people even like to kayak
On the Abel Tasman water it is so nice and clear you can see it is so blue it is beautiful.  They
also like to keep trapping around Abel Tasman national park they also stop at the beautiful
Beach sit is nice. They even have it pack all the stuff that they need for their trip.

In Abel Tasman national park their are heaps of animals like birds and possums, dears, and goats, penguins, and also wild pigs, their are also sea animals like dolphins and seals lions people like to watch the animals. The people would love seeing all those animals.

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